About Us

AGM Engineering was established in Ankara in 1993, in partnership with 3 Civil Engineers Ergün Akgül, Halil İbrahim Görür and Mehmet Kılıç, graduated from Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Department. AGM Engineering started to serve in Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structure Projects, Road-Bridge Projects, Infrastructure Projects and contracting works.

AGM Engineering launched the Architectural Project group in 2005 in addition to the static group in order to produce higher quality projects in line with its increasing experience and business potential. Gathering Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape, Infrastructure and Geotechnical project groups under its own roof in the following years, AGM Engineering has become a multi-disciplinary engineering, architectural and technical consultancy firm that provides services from preliminary design to application project and technical consultancy stages.

AGM Engineering has been producing qualified works in the field of engineering, architecture and technical consultancy for public, local administrations and private sector companies for nearly 30 years, adhering to professional ethical values, with high quality, cost-effective approach at the required speed. The company, which always insources its work with a staff of qualified engineers and architects, outsoruces consultancy services from university lecturers when necessary.

Our Services

Architectural concept, preliminary, application project design services, preparation of 3D models, renders and animations, static (reinforced concrete, steel, wood), geotechnical, road, infrastructure, mechanical, electrical, landscaping and landscaping application project services within the scope of Engineering & Architecture works, preparation of approximate cost and tender documents of all disciplines, preparation of building information models (BIM).

We provide feasibility studies, specification and contract management, project management, professional supervision, interdisciplinary coordination, quality control, reporting, technical consultancy services within the scope of Technical Consultancy works.

Quality Policy

Or company has aimed to provide the best service under all conditions in order to meet customer demands with engineering services, to closely follow the developments related to its activities, to increase customer satisfaction and to create customer loyalty in an intensely competitive environment.

For these our goals and principles are;

  • $To ensure that our policies, ideas and goals are adopted by all our employees
  • $To ensure that all our personnel work with the same awareness
  • $To inform our employees about this issue by determining our plans and projects in advance
  • $To provide the best efficiency from our employees and to exchange ideas with them
  • $To ensure full coordination in our activities
  • $To accept and implement continuous development and improvement as a company philosophy

We aim to be a company that adopts the management style and is shown as an example